Super cute meal planner is here! Yay!

As I talked about a few weeks ago, I think it’s a great practice to take a few minutes each week to sit down and plan out your upcoming meals, if that’s not something you already do. There are a few times I haven’t done this (**ahem, this week) and we end up eating leftover ham for five days then going out to eat because we ran out of food. Poor planning.

To help you start super simply, I’ve created this adorable Monday-Sunday printable for you to utilize and enjoy. The goal for the future is to provide you with a more in depth version, but the first step is just to start! Start thinking more about good food and less about daily take-out, start realizing that there are an infinite amount of cooking resources for you to access, start taking just a few minutes each week to plan for the next 7 days, and start being more organized in the kitchen overall.

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