8 Seriously Delicious Hot Dogs For The Kid In All Of Us

I don’t know what’s come over me. Maybe it’s the fact that tomorrow is national hot dog day, or maybe I’m anticipating fall coming and being able to sit around a campfire and roast some wieners, or maybe it’s just the fact that we have an assortment of brats and dogs and sausages in our freezer just waiting to be devoured this weekend. Whatever it is, it’s real. I’ve got hot dogs on the brain and finding all of these fabulous variations across the web got me super excited!


How amazing are these Tex Mex Hot Dogs from What’s Gaby Cooking? Guacamole, a corn relish, and jalapeños are the toppers on these fresh summery, dogs!


The Endless Meal gets all the credit for these Hawaiian Hot Dogs with Grilled Pineapple and Teriyaki Mayo. If these are the wrong way to consume hot dogs, I don’t ever wanna be right!


Uhm, pause for a second. Hapa Nom Nom knows what she’s doing!! Thai Style Hot Dogs with a cool papaya salad, spicy Sriracha, and crunchy peanuts?? Can I have seconds?


Queso Cheese Hot Dogs. Need I say more?? Little Kitchen Big World would be welcomed with wide open arms here in Austin if they got wind of these!


Okay, let’s take a quick step back real quick and be honest with ourselves. Hot dogs aren’t, well, the best thing we could be filling our bodies with. Buuuutttt if we make them into these California Cobb Dogs from My Modern Cookery, we’re practically eating a salad, right??


Mostly Homemade Mom knows what she’s doing with these Loaded Oven Chili Dogs. Got a party coming up? Have less than 2 seconds to get a crowd favorite dinner together? Here’s your answer! And check out that ooey gooey cheese…


Kev is totally obsessed with Cubans. I’m sitting across from him as I’m typing this and there’s no way I can tell him about this Cuban Hot Dog from Country Cleaver without being able to set it on his plate in the next 3 minutes. I’ll just keep this recipe under my belt for the next time I need some wife points… 🙂


Nope. What?? I can’t.  I don’t know what’s more mind blowing. The Jalapeño & cheddar pretzel hot dog buns or the turkey chili cheese on these beauties. Woah. Thanks Oh Sweet Basil for your magic!

Get out the grill friends! It’s time to get going on these dogs.

8 Seriously Delicious Hot Dogs For The Kid In All Of Us