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Remember that post I published a few weeks ago? The one where I confessed I don’t care about food? The one that probably confused a lot of you, since I call myself a food blogger? Yeah, that one. I know, it probably came as a surprise to many of you. I surprised myself too after I finally figured out what was going on!


Often for the blog I dream up a recipe, make said recipe, eat said recipe, photograph it, blog it, and then if there was any left over, share it with friends! Wanna know what my favorite part of that whole ordeal is? Sharing it with friends. Gathering people around a table, seeing your food create smiles, and enjoying time spent together. I started doing a lot of thinking about that and realized that something wasn’t quite right since I’m spending 95% of my time on the logistics of the meal and only 5% on the people side of things. Lots of thinking and scheming and dreaming ensued after that realization.


I decided that I’m in no way ready to walk away from blogging so over the last couple of weeks I did some intense brainstorming and plotting and chart making and calendar shifting. When I tried to pinpoint where my passions lie, not just centered around food, but an all encompassing thought, I kept coming back to “budgeting”. Sexy, I know. Hear me out. My whole life I’ve been on a budget (and that’s not a bad thing!!). Sometimes it’s been out necessity and sometimes out of a desire to plan for the future. Right now it’s both.


When I was little, my parents taught me the value of money and I would put my skills into practice when I got my allowance by putting some away to save, some to tithe, and some to spend! To some of you, that probably seems elementary, but I know for a lot of you that’s still not a practice that comes into your everyday life. Everything I currently abide by goes back to budgeting, and I’m not even talking solely about money here. Budgeting comes into every area of my life from how I choose to spend (budget) my time, use (budget) our resources, create (budget) our meals, plan (budget) our travel, and beyond. The crazy part is, I’m kind of addicted! Calendars, to-do lists, budgeting apps, student loan payments, etc… they keep me going! Enter, an all encompassing work in progress website focused on why and how we choose to budget our lives.


For those of you feeling sad that Kitschen Cat will be leaving, no tears allowed! Actually, I haven’t even fully decided if it WILL be leaving – for now, it’ll still be pretty much the same until I make a decision one way or another. I’ll also be posting 1 new recipe per week on the new site, but this time with a budget focus. It might be a quick meal that allows you to budget your time or a low-cost option for those of you trying to cut your grocery bill or just something else that I think is really tasty and I want to share with you! Please don’t leave me my foodies!! We can all still be happy together 🙂


Why We Budget is going to have 5 central themes that all posts will be centered around.
#1. Finances
#2. Cooking
#3. Trip Planning
#4. Hosting
#5. Budgeting your time


Finance is going to deal with a wide variety of topics like how to plan for your future, budgeting 101, being on the same financial page as your spouse, frugality and thrifting, financial tools that we use and love, and much much more.


The cooking portion will include a lot of the current Kitschen Cat recipes that you know and love, along with new recipes, how to meal plan on a budget, fuss free weeknight cooking, and family friendly meals.


Trip Planning will focus on planning awesome vacations while still being mindful of your budget, creating itineraries, our favorite travel gear and how to find great deals on it, and suggestions for soaking up the culture in ways you might not have thought of before!


Hosting is going to take a closer look at how we can structure our finances so it allows for an open door policy in our home. How can we manage our money so that we can bless others? Stress free hosting, simply party planning, home organization, and hosting on AirBnb will be in there too!


Lastly, budgeting our time. I’m a huge proponent for calendar management, spreadsheets, and to-do lists. I’ll be coming to you with my favorite tools (Asana, Evernote, Google Docs), and how to use them to free up your schedules for the things that really matter.


We’re currently working on rounding up a fabulous team of contributors as well, so if you or someone you know might be interested in contributing on any of the topics mentioned above, please shoot me an email at [email protected]!


We’re super excited about this, and yes, I said we, because my handsome husband will be joining me on this adventure as well!


Stay tuned for more information in future posts – we are planning to launch the new site at the beginning of November and hope you’ll join us for the ride!

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  1. I love this! I can’t wait to follow along on your new site. I know it’s going to be great! I’m always trying to figure out how to budget my time (and create budget-friendly meals). And of course, keep following the recipes you post here. 🙂

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