Coronavirus Meal Prep Strategies & Stocking Essential Pantry Staples

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As you’re aware, all that anyone’s talking about is the Coronavirus outbreak and how to best prepare for what could happen. Although here in Austin we don’t have any confirmed cases yet, the city has been taking every precaution against the spread of the virus by shutting down events like SXSW and other large scale gatherings of people. So many sites I follow are doing their own version of how to prep for possible quarantine, and I wanted to help the cause by sharing some Coronavirus meal prep strategies, ways to order food you can trust if you’re stuck in your house, and a few pantry staples to stock up on.

#1. I’ve shared about Imperfect Produce in the past, but it continues to be my trusted source for fruits and vegetables. I get the extra large box of organic and non-organic produce every other week, and I just recently started adding on the dairy and the snack box. My toddler has loved the healthy variety of new snacks we’ve received, and I love not having to decide what to pack in his lunch for school!

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Imperfect recently released a statement saying that there is currently no evidence of foodborne transmission of COVID-19 and the CDC and their supply team see no reason to stop food delivery at this time. All employees handling products and boxes wear protective gloves and maintain proper safe food handling and handwashing techniques. All boxes are being delivered at the front door and drivers will not ring doorbells or touch anything other than the box directly. Each time a box is dropped off, the driver is changing gloves. Again, there’s no current concern that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food packaging, but they’re still working hard to be cautious.

#2. My husband and I aren’t doing any doomsday prepping at our house, but I did stock up on a few things last week and plan on going to Costco again tomorrow for a couple more things we’re low on. As healthy 20 somethings, we’re not as worried about getting sick or experiencing a food shortage as much as we’re worried and wanting to show respect and concern for our fellow elderly neighbors and other people who are more susceptible to catching the virus. So, by stocking up for a few weeks, having a few coronavirus meal prep strategies and not going to the grocery store, we’re hoping to be part of a larger movement to slow down the rate of increase in the virus. Here are a few things I’m making sure to have on hand from one of my favorite online stores, Thrive Market.

  • Dried beans and brown rice. These are my go to for a cost effective, nutritious and filling dinner. You can cook them so many different ways too! Here’s my favorite beans and rice recipe to make in the Instant Pot.
  • Diapers and wipers! Unless you want to do an impromptu potty training sesh with your baby/toddler, I recommend stocking up on some extra diapers. These from Thrive Market are a cost effective safe option, AND they have stellar reviews – I’m a fan.
  • Our Costco is pretty picked through in the meat department last I checked, and although I haven’t had the meat packages from Thrive, they seem like a great option. We don’t eat a ton of meat in our house, but I’m planning on having a small stockpile in our freezer for when we need some extra protein.
  • With a growing toddler and a baby who just started eating solids in our house, I’m also making sure we have lots of canned and frozen fruits and veggies. I can serve these to my toddler as is, or cook and puree them up for my baby. Either way, they’re shelf-stable and healthy for little bodies!
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They offer 1 month, 3 month, and annual subscriptions, and will even refund you the cost of your membership if it doesn’t pay for itself in a year. Oh, and did I mention free shipping after you spend $49 PLUS a free sample or two in every box? WORTH IT!

#3. Lastly, and I’ll make this one quick, I highly recommend using PrepDish to plan for and prep some food ahead of time. I’ve been receiving shopping lists, meal plans, and prepping PDF’s from PrepDish owner Alison for the last 3 years, and can honestly say the meals have been a lifesaver many times over.

If you’re on the fence about whether you need Coronavirus Meal Prep Strategies or not, look at it this way. Best case scenario, you’ll have dinners ready to go on normal, life happens, busy weekdays. Worst case scenario, you’ll have dinners ready to go if you’re not feeling well and trying to control your crazy kiddos during a quarantine! Either way, it can’t hurt!

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Jessie | Kitschen Cat

**Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I use all of the products listed above and recommend them because they are helpful and trustworthy companies!

Coronavirus Meal Prep Strategies