It’s a Grilled CHEEESSEEEEEEE PARTAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Basically one of my favorite parties ever. And not just because it involved lots of different kinds of cheese, avocados, and rye bread. Well, that might be part of the reason. It was my favorite mainly because it was such an interactive meal with friends! We all sat around the table, constructed our perfect sandwich (or two or three), and got to chat all the while. It was the most low maintenance evening at our home I’ve ever hosted, which helped me to enjoy it so much more as well.

How to Host a Grilled Cheese Party How to Host a Grilled Cheese Party

I absolutely love love love hosting friends and family at our place, but I’ve had to learn a fine balance between stressing over every little detail and just doing my best and going with the flow. I’ve started to gravitate more towards the low maintenance meals where the majority of the prep is done ahead of time and all I need to do is pretty much show up at the table and enjoy it! Those are the best.

How to Host a Grilled Cheese Party

So, to host a Grilled Cheese party, here’s a list of what you need!

#1. Friends!!

#2. A griddle. I like this basic Presto Cool Touch from Amazon.

#3. Variety of cheeses (American, Gruyere, Cheddar, Brie, Pepperjack, Muenster, and Cream Cheese are my favorites)

#4. 2-4 types of bread (We had rye, an everything bagel thin, and a hearty multigrain)

#5. Thinly sliced meats (ie. prosciutto, ham, turkey, bacon, pepperoni)

#6. LOTS of butter (We went through a stick and half for 8 people)

#7. Veggies, fruits, sauces,…heck, anything you can think of! (Here’s some ideas to get you going!) 

How to Host a Grilled Cheese Party

I had so much fun at our silly party and wanted to share it with all of you! It’s a perfect summertime meal because it takes little to no prep, and doesn’t even involve turning on your oven. It’s a winner in my books 🙂

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