As you read this I’ll be struggling up the side of a mountain in Zion – prayers please!! 🙂 🙂

Anyways, I thought I’d leave you with a quick picture tour of our trip to New Orleans last weekend and then I’ll be back again next week with a new recipe!

New Orleans Trip-1  New Orleans Trip-2New Orleans Trip-3  New Orleans Trip-5

In a nutshell, our trip was quite wet, about a day shorter than planned, and a whirlwind of seeing what we could before the storms hit! We originally went for the Jazz Fest and hoped to spend a full 3 days exploring New Orleans, but then nature happened and we had to head out. Lesson learned: don’t decide to tent camp in NOLA when there’s even a small chance of rain if you don’t want a flooded tent.

New Orleans Trip-6

Since we had to leave early, we only had about 6 hours to explore what we could in the city. We grabbed a couple of pictures and ate some great food at a few restaurants, but hope to go back again to finish the rest of our adventure!

New Orleans Trip-7New Orleans Trip-9

This picture was taken at the Lafayette cemetery in the Garden District, which turned out to be one of our favorite areas to wander around and gawk at all the old historic mansions! Also, how beautiful is the flowering vine below??

New Orleans Trip-13New Orleans Trip-15

This was one of the only pictures we got at Jazz Fest before it started dumping rain on us! I wanted to pull out the camera again to get a photo of all the craziness, but wasn’t able to without coming home with a waterlogged Sony. Nobody wants that.

Have a great weekend y’all!

New Orleans Trip-17