Take the 7 day pantry reset challenge and start fresh in the kitchen!

7 Day Pantry Reset. Take the challenge and start fresh in the kitchen!

Hey friends! I don’t have a recipe for you today because I’m so excited about launching a mini email series on how to do a 7 day pantry reset! I like to do a full pantry reset every few months because not only does it just feel good to refresh your cupboards and fridge, but it forces you to use up those half-used jars of jam and opened boxes of 5 kinds of pasta before they go bad. If you’re on a strict grocery budget, doing a pantry reset is a great way to eat down your food before setting foot in the store and spending more money when you have great food options already at home.

In this challenge, (which you can sign up for below), you’ll be receiving one email per day for 7 days. Each day has a mini 10 minute challenge for you to complete and at the end of the week you’ll have a clean fridge, freezer, and pantry and a meal plan created to use up all those odds and ends hanging out in your cupboards! The emails won’t be lengthy and the entire challenge will only take 70 minutes out of your whole week. It’s totally worth it, and I’ll be participating right alongside you!


When it comes to having an organized kitchen, sometimes I feel like a rockstar and sometimes there is some major work to be done. If you’ve experienced opening your cupboards to half used food spilling out and hitting you in the head and then opening your fridge to discover 5 tupperwares of food from last Christmas hiding in the nooks and crannies, it’s time for a reset. When it gets to that point for me, I try my best to sit down, make a game plan, and attack the problem areas with a vengeance! That’s what I’m helping you to do with this 7 Day Pantry Reset, but the good news is, the game plan has already been created and you just need to make it happen in your own kitchen!

Are you in?? Are you excited?? Once you sign up below, you’ll immediately receive your first email with the challenge for Day 1. Throughout your journey, I’d love to see your progress and the fun meal ideas you come up with! I’ll be using the hashtag #7DayPantryReset on instagram and would absolutely love for you to join me in that as well.

Let’s do this!


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