Saturday Stories

“Back in the 70’s I was all about growing a garden, baking bread from scratch, and cooking my family healthy food. Oh, yeah, that’s what mothers do now. Well, I was 40 years ahead of time. But, notice that I said “cooking my family healthy food.” That doesn’t necessarily translate into them eating healthy food. I was constantly struggling to encourage my children to be excited about zucchini and eggplant, whole grain bread and muffins, and homemade sprouts and yogurt. They, on the other hand, were complaining constantly while turning up their noses at just about everything. Nor did they appreciate my lectures about consuming less sugar and fewer processed foods. My son said, “Mom, I won’t die from pesticide poisoning but I will die of starvation.” Just before he almost expired (just kidding), I came across the book, The Art of Cooking with Love and Wheat Germ by Jane Kinderlehrer, and I learned a little about tempering my zest for pure healthiness and sneaking in some healthy ingredients that no one could detect. They thought I had given up, but they were wrong. I’m still an advocate for healthy eating and now they are too. But, of course, now it’s fashionable!”
-Margaret Traudt